over the years many people must have tried to replicate the intricacies and amazing artisitcic and creative views af derek Riggs and others who have been designing and drawing this 'beast' from so long and people like me who have grown up with 'eddie' has always been the one to try it first....anyways this is my take on 'trying' to recreate the magical and surreal work of Derek Riggs and Iron maiden.
all of these creation well rather recreations were made by me in my early college days mostly on my college note books using a simple writing pencil(no special drawing pencil)the time when i knew nothing about computers ...just nothing, so after seeing all these amazing works on DA i also thought of opening my old scrap books and started assimilating the artworks and the cleant it using PS..but i delibrately tried to keep the hand made and the grunge paper feel to it to keep its actual medium intact.....so guys no offence there must really really more and i mean 100% more talented guys out there who can recreated faaaaaaaaar better than thses but still this is my shot!!!!!!!!!!!...........
and yes.

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